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The last of the Great Little British Cars - MGRV8

In the early 90's Rover Group decided to revise the MGB after a 12 year absence from the market. Slightly updated and modified, 2100 of these Rover V8 sportscars were handbuilt and sold throughout Europe and Japan. This MG roadster offered purists a modern MGB, but with luxurious leather and Burl Elm Woodwork, not to mention the powerful Alloy V8 from the Range Rover. As these cars were built from 1992-1995. they have now aged passed 25 years old allowing them to now come to the USA. I have seen a few that have made it to our country! What do you think? Owning one will set you back about $35,000 in 2022 money. I'd love to have one in my garage...

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