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A Before & After Story

We have been the caretakers of this beautiful 1967 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 XKE for about 30 years. At first it was just general repairs and maintenance. This Jaguar was originally a ”pea” green color known as Willow Green. At some point the car was repainted Regency Red. Then around 1995 we dismantled the car and did a light overhaul and refreshening for the second owner. We then painted the car in a lighter shade of British Racing Green. 22 years later the car was involved in the accident you see here in the pictures. The owner was not hurt, but this Jaguar was a complete write off. Working closely with the insurance company, we were able to purchase the car as we were determined we could put this originally rust free car back to new condition. As you can see we worked miracles and succeeded! It’s new owners were very pleased with the final outcome. #jaguar #xke #etype #classic #restored #jagshop

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